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The visa is a right to be granted it is not supposed to be the unconditional admission of foreigners into the country.

  1. Consular visa: The foreigner has to apply for this visa in the Costa Rican Consulate in the city of residence.
  2. Business visa: If a foreigner wishes to do business in Costa Rica he has to apply for this visa.
  3. Tourist visa: This visa is for foreigners who would like to come to Costa Rica as tourists.
  4. Consultation visa: This visa is for foreigners who need a consular visa but cannot file the application in their country of origin.
  5. Restricted visa as non-resident: Foreigner, in the fourth category of countries, must apply to this visa through a Power of Attorney.
  6. Multiple visa: Can  apply in the following situations:

a)    For scientists, professionals, clergymen, cultural representatives, sports people, economists or politicians who are guests of any of the Branches of Costa Rican Government or any public  or private entity or universities in order to enter into Costa Rica for a specific activity.
b)    For businessmen, travel agents or commercial delegates in order to enter Costa Rica for activities related to the companies  they represent in  case  they do not have a salary in the country and  do not live permanently in the country.
c)    For foreigners who need to enter Costa Rica for medical treatment.

Visa Renewal: Foreigners in the second and third group can apply for renewal of their tourist visa. For foreigners in the fourth group renewal can apply only for medical emergencies. Tourist visa renewals only apply for sixty additional days.

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