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This section regards the processing of residence in Costa Rica, MIGRATORIA introduce it as follows:

Residency by special bond (permanent residence in Costa Rica):  Foreigners can apply for this status:

a) If the spouse or any relative in the first degree has a costa rican temporary residency, obtained during the previous three consecutive years.
b) If the foreigner has relatives in the first degree who are Costa Rican citizens such as parents, sons or daughters, brothers or sisters.

The Immigration Office will grant an authorization to enter and remain in Costa Rica for a period of time of more than ninety days to two years, to foreigners in the following categories:

  1. Residency as members of the clergy: All members of the clergy of a religion registered in the Costa Rican Ministry of Foreign Affairs can apply for this status.
  2. Residency as corporate executives: Any foreigner and his family applying for a job as a corporate executive, legal representative, manager or technical staff of an established corporation in Costa Rica. That corporation must be already registered in the Costa Rican Immigration Department.
  3. Residency as scientist or specialized technician: this status if for scientists or specialized technicians who are going to work in co mpanies already established in Costa Rica. Such companies must apply for the residency with a valid justification of why the employee is necessary inCosta Rican territory.
  4. Residency for journalists: Foreigners working as journalists for a press agency to cover news can apply for this status.
  5. Residency for sports people:  Sports people duly registered in the National Department of Sports.
  6. Residency as investor:  Foreigners who are going to invest in Costa Rica in areas of social and economic development beneficial to the country, in an amount of more that US$200,000.00 can apply for this status.
  7. Residency as retiree:  Retired foreigners must prove that they have a permanent pension from their country of origin in an amount of no less than six hundred dollars (US$600.00) per month.
  8. Residency as “rentist in Costa Rica: In order to obtain this status, the foreigner must prove that he has an income of no less than one thousand dollars (US$1,000.00) per month. For spouse and children foreigner must prove income for another one thousand dollars (US$1,000.00) for the spouse and five hundred dollars (US$500.00) for each child.

Residency renewal: Foreigners with Costa Rican residency status may renew their residence within thirty days prior to the expiration of the status.

Below are documents for each type of proceeding in this section.

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