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In this area, MIGRATORIA facilitates your process of naturalization in Costa Rica if it is related to:

Naturalization for residents: Residents who have been living in Costa Rica for more than five years, Latin-Americans or Spanish citizens, and seven years for other citizenships.

Naturalization for foreigners living legally in Costa Rica for twenty years: Foreigners who have lived in Costa Rica for more than twenty years.

Naturalization by marriage: Foreigners who have been married to a costa rican citizen for two years and have been living in the country for the same period of time.

Naturalization according to Law 1902 (older than 25 years of age): The foreigner has to be the son or daughter of a Costa Rican citizen, older than 25 years of age, with the option of naturalization if the person has been living in Costa Rica for a period of five years, and if his place of birth is a Latin American country or Spain, or seven years if he is from another country of origin.

Naturalization according to Law 1916: The applicant has to be born in Costa Rica, with foreign parents, older than 25 years of age, without a naturalization application and must have lived in Costa Rica for more than five years if the parents are Latin American or Spanish or seven years if they are of another country of origin.

Below are documents for each type of proceeding in this section.

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