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Special categories

Here, MIGRATORIA introduce a list of procedures called Special Categories:

Workers with specific occupations: Housekeeping workers.

Legal status for students and academics (Citizens of Group III and IV): Once the foreigner arrives in Costa Rica  with a provisional visa of a special category, the academic institution must continue the process in order to obtain immigration status.

Legal status for students and academics without need of restricted visa: Academic institutions duly registered in the Costa Rican Immigration Department can apply directly in the Services Platform for the special category that applies for students or academics without need of restricted visa. If the academic institution is not registered, the application has to be filed in the Costa Rican Consulate  in the applicant’s city of residency.

Renewal of the Special Category for Students and Academics. The special categories can be granted for one year periods. If the academic institution requires the foreigner to remain in the country for a longer period of time it can apply for a renewal within thirty days prior to the date of expiration.
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