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Our clients

MIGRATORIA helps clients in all kinds of procedures necessary to legalize their immigration status in Costa Rica. We help corporations with high personnel turnover in their expatriate staff, individuals applying for retirement and people looking for better social and economic conditions.

To make it easy, we have distribuited our clientes in categories:

  • Companies
  • Individuals and family groups
  • Retirees and
  • Tourists

To each classification, MIGRATORIA offers the assistance to fullfil their needs about temporary or permanent residency, immigration and residency information, help with residency, immigration or visa requirements to Costa Rica.
That's the way you could be safe and happy and know that have follow all steps correctly to get your legal residence in Costa Rica, like student, academic, volunteer, worker, executive, tourist or to enjoy your retirement.

In the same way, MIGRATORIA guide you in your first time residency application or to get your temporary residency renewal like religious, company executive, science team member, qualified technician, international press, sports teams, retirees o rentist.

For any frecuent or specific question MIGRATORIA suggest you to read our LEGISLATION area, it contains documentation about immigration issue that could be interest for you.

Or if you want it, just contact us.

Feel free to fill our On Line Services application.